Glimmering lights, neon signs, and the sounds of slot machines can only mean one thing: Las Vegas. If you’ve visited the land of fun and entertainment, then you’ll know one of the best spots to visit: Fremont Street. Known as “Old Vegas,” this prime destination will bring visitors back in time — providing the best vintage vibes on the planet. If you’re looking for the ultimate Vegas experience, then check out these incredible spots on Fremont:

Place 1: The Viva Vision Light Show

One of the best attractions on Fremont Street is the sparkling Viva Vision light show displayed overhead. Stretching to almost the entire length of the street, this incredible audio/visual experience is worth your time — and is completely free to enjoy! Happening on a nightly basis, the twinkling lights and 550,000-watt speaker system put on one of the most authentic Las Vegas shows your eyes will ever see!

Place 2: Meet Vegas Vic

The most famous neon sign on Fremont Street is Vegas Vic! Standing over the famed Pioneer Gift Shop, Vegas Vic has been featured in the media on a variety of occasions, with appearances in various films and television shows, too! If you’re interested in getting the ultimate commemorative photo with this Las Vegas, then take one standing by Vegas Vic — it will truly be the best photo-op on earth!

Place 3: Worlds Largest Fire Hydrant

Looking for the most unique find on your Vegas trip? When on Fremont Street, visit the world’s largest functioning fire hydrant! Standing at approximately 14.5-foot-tall, this fire hydrant is a staple attraction and is painted a happy, sunny yellow! It’s one of the most photographed attractions — and the most fun to look at, too! Where else can you say you visited the world’s largest functioning fire hydrant?

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