The 18th Amendment outlawed alcohol from 1920 to 1933. Interestingly enough, this period of time is still referred to as the “Roaring 20’s” – people still got a hold of illegal alcohol and they continued to gamble like crazy. Recreate your own version of a 1920’s themed party with a little help from Casinos by M&M.

Speak Easies

For many, the danger of getting caught drinking was what made the 1920’s, so exhilarating. Typically, “speakeasies” (also known as blind pigs or blind tigers) were used as hidden establishments in order to serve alcohol. A bouncer would guard the door and require you to provide a password for entry.

This underground drinking counterculture created the fortunes of Al Capone “Scarface.” Therefore, a 1920’s themed party must include all of these features. Make it feel like a secret club and a getaway from the public eye.

You can start by telling your guests that they will need a password to enter. Then, send them the password in a separate email. You can have a large bouncer pretend to turn anyone away who doesn’t give them the right password.


You could set a dress code so that way everyone invited truly feels transported back to the roaring ’20s. One option for guests would be to dress as flappers. These flappers were well-known for their fringe dresses, which “flapped” in the air as they danced the Charleston. They could also wear long pearl necklaces twirling in the air, along with extravagant feathered headdresses, which were very popular during this time.

There were plenty of dance marathons keeping time with Big Band 1920’s era music. You might want to play music from Louis Armstrong for the girls to dance to. The most popular musical hits at this time were “Bye Bye Blackbird,” “Dinah” and “Sweet Georgia Brown.”


Another option for dress would include gangster attire. Gangsters should have cigars, bow ties, zoot suits, fedoras and “Tommy Guns.” Some of your guests might even want to dress up like the G-Men. In the background, you should play old black and white gangster movies, like James Cagney’s “Public Enemy.”

The best hosts want to create one-of-a-kind parties, that everyone will remember. At Casinos by M&M, we love parties just as much as you do. Trust in the Northeast party professionals to make a memorable event. Call us today to create the best 1920’s themed party.