Christmas is here! Soon it will be time for holiday parties and fun cheer as we celebrate the day of love and giving while also looking toward the new year. If you are still planning your party it’s not too late to recreate a Vegas experience and do something different.

Christmas parties done the same way each year can be boring. It’s time to liven things up and to create a Vegas experience. Let’s review some ways to create this type of experience that will be easier for the event planner.

The theme is a Christmas party with a Vegas theme. A Vegas party should include some gambling – even if its just for fun and with fake money. With such flexibility you could plan this type of party for adults and for kids. Both will love having this much fun. Decide if there will be a dress up or costume portion. When people have to dress up many think that is more entertaining.

Food and Drinks
The best way to bring a party together is the food. Presentation is everything. Think of creative ways to present the food and drinks. Start the party with appetizers that are in the colors of Christmas. Or, decorate the cupcakes with casino money. Once you have chosen the theme, then you can become more creative with your food and drinks. You can choose to have a sit down party or to have finger foods and a buffet while people gamble the evening away. Doing the latter will open the floor for your guests to be able to mingle.

This is certainly the time to get creative with alcoholic beverages too. When thinking about Vegas you can order all types of drinks, so narrow it down and offer a special menu of drinks for this party.

The more exciting parties always include dressing up. Christmas themed clothing usually centers around ugly sweaters and the colors red and green. A Vegas themed party could include sparkling gowns and cocktail dresses. Which one do you think your guests will respond better to?

No matter which direction you decide to take your party in, it’s going to be fun. Your guests will be chattering about a Vegas themed Christmas party on in to the new year. Be forewarned: during next year’s holiday season they will expect you to host another one.