March Madness is a special time for basketball fans and a time that they look forward to all year long. This is when their teams battle to be the best. This, of course, means that fans will congregate at bars and parties so they can watch the madness go down with all of their friends.

Some fans like to throw theme parties, and one of the most common themes is the casino night; it has just the right mix of celebration and gambling to make things interesting for all of those involved, whether they are basketball fans or not.

Food and Drinks

Because the party is for basketball fans there have been some necessary modifications to the standard casino night. The drinks should include some more masculine flavors, like beers, and whiskeys as opposed to martinis and fruity drinks. You could also have some fun and make the drinks themed after one of the teams. For food, try some upscale appetizers or bar foods like wings and pizza.


The television will be the star of the show since this is what everyone will be paying attention to all night. Make sure you have a large TV or look into renting an inflatable projection screen that you could show the games on.

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