Casinos by M&M Party Planning FAQs

So you want to plan a party, a special party. A party that your guests will remember for years to come. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our authentic casino entertainment has been the talk of the town across Long Island, New York City and the surrounding areas, and we can’t wait to have it be the talk of the town at your event as well!

However, if you’re considering booking with us, we realize you may have some questions before taking the plunge. For that reason, we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions for you to peruse.

Q1: Where can I have my party?

Anywhere! As long as you’re located within the tristate area, we’d be more than happy to accommodate parties of all themes, venues and sizes! (And even if you’re out of our general service area, give us a call and we’ll see if we can work something out.) Backyard BBQs? Fundraisers? Weddings, sweet 16s and catering hall events? You tell us what and where, and we’ll bring the casino fun.

Q2: Is it legal to have gambling at my event?

You bet! At Casinos by M&M, we invite our guests to place their wagers with fun-money — which can be customized in any way you choose. That way, we’re not betting with actual money, which makes it 100% legal and even more fun. Imagine, gambling without losing a dime! We are registered with the State of New York, fully insured, and adhere to all health and safety standards.

Q3: So if there’s no money, what do my guests win?

Whatever you choose! Some hosts have their guests play for raffle tickets, which they can then enter into raffles for various items. Some choose to have a standard tiered winning system, meaning that at the end of the night, the players with the highest bankroll get to take home the prizes. You may also choose to have a bank of prizes to choose from that folks can “purchase” using the fun-money they win. The opportunities are endless!

Q4: Who will help me plan my party?

When you choose Casinos by M&M you can be confident that your party planner will be the cream of the crop. Why? Because you’ll be working directly with one of our owners — Michael and Marco, the M&M twins! They’ll make sure that no detail gets overlooked, guaranteed.

Q5: What types of games are available?

We’ve got authentic casino entertainment for all ages and experience levels. High stakes poker and blackjack for the card sharks, and roulette, slot machines and a money wheel for those that are still working on their strategy. Not only that, but our friendly dealers are ready and willing to coach your guests through any game they choose. At the end of the day, it’s not so much about winning as it is about having fun — though winning definitely comes with some pretty great bragging rights!

Still have questions left unanswered? Visit the “about us” section of our website, or call us toll-free at 1-800-358-9467 today. No matter what you’re planning, Casinos by M&M can help make it a memorable one!

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