The Hardest Things About Party Planning

Picture this: you’re preparing for a friend’s birthday party, which you’re kindly hosting at your home. From the decor to the food, you feel uber confident about this soirée and know it will turn out excellent. Fast-forwarding: after a few hours, you announce it’s time to serve the cake — and suddenly realize that you never ordered the cake. Before hypothetically beating yourself up, here are the hardest things about party planning:

Food Accommodations

The toughest task of any event is ordering food, since guests may not share a similar flavor profile — or not be allowed to, due to dietary restriction. When ordering food for your event, the most important thing to remember is to cater to all dietary restrictions. To play it safe, always keep these palates in mind: vegetarian, vegan, allergy, and lactose intolerant. If you specifically know what each guest eats, or doesn’t eat, then this will be a simpler task for you.

The Guest List

When it comes to inviting guests to an event, a historic question comes to mind: how many people should I invite? First and foremost, have a set event space in mind. If you’re holding your soirée at a catering hall, inquire about the table dimensions and how many can be seated together. If the event is being held in your home, then invite as many as you feel comfortable accommodating (hint: don’t make it a safety hazard).

Technologically Advanced

Currently, we live in the future — or at least a prelude to the future. With technology on the rise, and society’s dependency on smartphones/tablets/watches, you know you’ll receive the following questions: “What’s the WiFi password?” or  “Do you have an extra phone charger?” Don’t be alarmed — be prepared to answer these questions with strength: WiFi strength, that is. Some suggestions include creating a custom WiFi password for the day of the party, buying a WiFi extender, and having a variety of dollar-store phone charges on hand.


While these might be some common difficulties with party planning, there are some immediate solutions. When you book a casino party with us, your event troubles will be a thing of the past! We’ll take care of the essentials, while you sit back and enjoy! Have an event coming up, and need that Vegas touch? Contact us today at 1-800-HAVE-A-BLAST!

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