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How many people will be at your next party?  Everyone isn’t going to be playing games the entire time they attend your party.  You’ve got to have a balance of time and places to mingle and time to play games.  Many of your friends and guests might bring a date or significant other that doesn’t want to play but wants to be able to watch.  If you rent too many tables, you’ll be wasting money, which is where we come in.  We can help you have the right balance for your party.

Party Packages for You

Our team at M and M Entertainment has been offering casino night party packages for a long time.  We’ve developed a list of packages that work well for the number of guests you might have at your party. Here are some of the basic packages you can choose from:

2 Tables

If you have approximately thirty guests that will attend your party, you’ll only need a couple of tables to meet their needs.  We have a pair of packages with one blackjack table in each one.  You can pair this table with a poker table for those game nights when card play is a big part of the fun, or a roulette table to offer a different game for your guests.

3 Tables

When you party will have up to fifty guests in attendance, you’re going to want to have at least three tables offered.  You can enjoy one of each for blackjack, poker, and roulette, or you can have a pair of blackjack tables and a poker table when you want to have a serious card playing party.

4 Tables

A Party of 65 people will mean you need to have four tables for the fun.  Choose a package with one of each table for blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps or choose a package that as two blackjack tables and one poker and one roulette table.  You can also have a pair of blackjack tables and poker tables if you’d like.

6 Tables

When you party is around 100 guests, you’ll want to have at least six tables.  Choose three blackjack tables and one of each for poker, roulette, and craps or have two poker tables, a roulette table, and the three blackjack tables for the fun you’ll have during your party.

8 Tables

As the fun gets bigger and you want to have 135 guests attend your party, you’ll need more tables.  Choose to have three blackjack, two poker, and one of each for roulette, craps and three card poker as the tables you want.  You can also have four blackjack tables, two poker tables, one roulette table, and one craps table.

12 Tables

If the event you’re hosting will have 200 guests, you’ll need twelve tables.  We can provide five for blackjack, two for poker, two roulette tables, one craps table, one three card poker table, and one mini baccarat table for your night of fun.

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