Indoor or Outdoor Casino Party? It Depends On Your Mood

There is no better way of releasing the daily tension, stress, and pressures of life and work than by hosting a casino party. A casino party allows you to relax, eat rich foods you’d typically not indulge, play casino games, and listen to quality music.

Even a non-experienced gambler will realize the thrill that comes with beating odds and winning the different games. However, as you think about hosting a casino party, one decision will have to be made – should you host it indoors or outdoors?

Here we will help you determine the best location for your venue based on several factors.

Time of the Year

Weather matters when it comes to hosting a casino party. During the summer, you can do it indoors or outdoors. However, with the summer heat, people would have more fun engaging in an outdoor party. With a variety of games, good music, and cold drinks, your guests are bound to have the best time of their lives.

However, during the winter, it may be impossible to host an outdoor party. In this case, the heat from inside a house will be highly appreciated. If you are planning a party in a few months, consider the weather to ensure that inclement conditions do not end up ruining the event.

Personal Preference

The choice of whether to host an indoor or outdoor party ultimately boils down to your mood and preference. What do you like? Would you rather have your guests under a roof or do you want an open outdoor party? Have you always dreamed of hosting a casino party and wanted it to be a certain way?

If so, this is the time to actualize your dream. If you choose an outdoor venue, go for a location with adequate space to ensure that your guests can mingle freely.

We’ve Got You Covered for Your Next Casino Party

Have you decided what you want for your casino party? Or are you not sure of whether to go for an indoor or outdoor event? If so, we have you covered. At M&M Entertainment, we offer quality casino party planning services in New York and the Tri-State area that your guests will live to talk about.

We provide party supplies, music, and a live DJ if you need one. We also have a variety of casino games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, slots, money wheel, and many others. Our customer service is professional and will help you organize a party to remember.

Contact us today so that we can discuss your preferences and help you host your birthday party, fundraiser, bar mitzvah, or any other event that you have in mind.

5 Types of Parties to Master

Life is full of celebrations, but it’s important to keep in mind that a party is only as good as it is memorable. That being said, here’s how to up the ante with some of life’s most memorable party moments.

  1. Bridal Shower – We’re all bound to have a close family member or friend who’s ready to tie the knot someday. So, when that day comes, make sure you’re prepared to throw the best bridal party ever! Keep in mind that the decor and party theme should be soft and bright, but should also tap into the couple’s passions and their story with one another.
  1. Housewarming – One day you’ll finally have your own place to call home. Whether that be your first apartment, your starter home after marriage, or the dream home you’ve been working towards for years — a housewarming party will certainly be in order! The best way to warm a home is by inviting friends and family to a themed dinner party, with matching entertainment.
  1. Milestone Birthday – Thirty? Fifty? One hundred? No matter which birthday milestone your loved ones are approaching, you better be ready to throw them the best party possible. Birthday’s are about celebrating life, so make sure to have plenty of photos displayed and lively entertainment to get your guests going.
  1. Retirement – The day has finally come — your loved one is hanging up their hat and closing a chapter in their life in search of something new and exciting. A retirement party should be lively and exhilarating, much like the adventure your loved one is about to embark on in the next phase of their life. That means entertainment is important to make the night memorable!
  1. Summer Party- The most popular of annual extravaganzas is the summer party. As we head into the warmer weather, start thinking of how you’ll incorporate summer fun into your annual party again this year. Don’t forget a tent for inclement weather, and a BBQ menu to celebrate the season.

Looking for a fun way to give your next party some pzazz? Choose Casinos by M&M and we’ll provide authentic casino excitement your guests will never forget.

To learn more about the services and casino games we can provide, click here to view our website or call 1-800-HAVE-A-BLAST. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!

4 Steps to Make a Party Memorable

Planning a party can definitely be stressful, especially if it’s for a large event like a wedding, sweet 16 or retirement party. Luckily, there are just 4 simple steps you need to take to ensure that your food, entertainment and venue choices all come together for a truly memorable party experience.


  1. Don’t forget the favors. Party favors are your last chance to make a good impression. Try to choose a favor that’s reusable, like a custom deck of cards for a casino party for example. That way, your guests will think back on all the fun they had every time they deal a hand!
  1. Plan according to your guests. When selecting a venue, date and time, make sure you take your guests schedules into account. While it’s certainly not possible to accommodate all, try selecting a party date that works best for most and is decently local so you have a better turnout.
  1. Have great entertainment. The number one thing that people remember about party is the entertainment. Think outside the box and surprise your guests by rolling in some poker tables on your wedding day, or booking some cigar girls to shower them in snacks.
  1. Be a good host. At the end of the day it’s not only important to throw a good party, but to have a good time as the host. Make sure that you’ve planned enough before hand, so that you’re able to mingle with your guests and enjoy the festivities on the day of the event.

When you work with Casinos by M&M, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that every aspect of your entertainment will be taken care of by us. We believe it’s just as important for you to have a good time, as it is for your guests, and we intend to see to it that you do!

To learn more about our casino party entertainment options, click here to visit our website of call 1-800-HAVE-A-BLAST today. You can also connect with us on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter!

How to Plan a Casino Party With Us

If you’re looking to throw a one-of-a kind party, with tons of exciting and unique entertainment that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come, a casino party is just the thing! From corporate events and fundraisers, to birthday and retirement parties, bringing a little Las Vegas action to the celebration is suitable for all occasions. So, are you ready to start planning your epic casino party? If so, here are the steps that you need to take:


1. Assemble a Planning Committee
From the guest list and hors d’oeuvres, to the game types and prize assortment, there are plenty of decisions to be made. Having a party planning team on hand can help you streamline your decisions and take some of the stress out of the planning process.

2. Contact Casinos by M&M
Once you’ve chosen a date for your event, give us a call at 1-800-HAVE-A-BLAST. We’ll get back to you right way and set a date to meet with you and your committee to plan out all of the details for your casino party. Remember, when you work with us you’ll be dealing directly with one of our owners, so you can rest assured that no detail will be forgotten.

3. Choose a Party Theme
While yes, the theme of every casino party is centered around casinos, and gambling, feel free to add your own twist. For example, you might want to tell your guests to join you for a night out on the town in Hollywood, and request that they dress up as their favorite celebrity. Or maybe you want to go less elaborate, and make it a luau casino party, with grass skirts and mini umbrellas for drinks. The possibilities are endless!

When you book with us, you get the peace of mind of knowing that your party needs are our first priority. We’re in the business of providing happiness and excitement for events of all types. To learn more about how Casinos by M&M can help you plan the party of a lifetime, click here to visit our website.

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