The 4 Basic Types of Poker Players

The game of poker is strategic in more ways than one. Not only is your knowledge and skill of the game important, but your personal character and body language can make or break a hand. With so many different strategy types to mix, mold and adopt, it’s no wonder that no two poker players ever play the game exactly alike. There are however, four main style categories that most players can be generalized into.


The tight-passive player, commonly referred to as “the rock,” is only looking to play premium hands – aces, kings, queens, and the like. He’ll rarely take a chance on lower hands and doesn’t make a habit of betting or raising. If a rock is raising you, they’ve definitely got a good hand up their sleeve.

The loose-passive player, also known as “the calling station,” is big on calling, but shy on raising. No matter their hand, they’ll usually take the risk and play on most starting hands, but they rarely up the ante. This style is adopted by many beginners who haven’t quite developed a full understanding of the game, or are yet to hone their skills.

The tight-aggressive player, or the “TAG,” is selective with the hands that he or she plays, but often bets or raises. This strategies helps to simplify the game, eliminating losses from poor starting hands. However, the TAG is usually easily readable and easy to anticipate.

The loose-aggressive player, called the “LAG,” plays many hands and is known to bet or raise frequently. This strategy is highly risky, but when used effectively, as demonstrated by some poker professionals, it can produce large payouts. Typically, adopting a LAG playing style is characteristic of more seasoned, experienced players.

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