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Make Your Booth the Most Popular

If you’re company is sponsoring a booth at a trade show or convention, the goal is to meet and make a connection with as many people as possible. In order to make your booth the most popular, you have to offer more than just the best products or services at the convention, you need to offer something that will entice those in attendance. Having a game that can be played is one of the best ways you can have to make sure everyone wants to see your booth and what you offer.

Everyone Loves a Game

Let several people stand at your booth and play a game of blackjack, which doesn’t take very long, or have a roll of the dice at a craps table. You can make this happen at the trade shows and conventions you attend by allowing our team at M and M Entertainment to be your trade show partner. With enough notice, we can come up with some specialized items that can be part of your booth, to make sure those who stop at your booth remember you and know they can contact you for the services you offer.

Printed Chips and Cards

Let our team offer you special printed cards and chips that you can give to the guests that stop by and play at your booth. Offer a few special prizes with your company logo on them and they will remember the games they got to play anytime they look at the chip that goes home with them after the show. Your booth will be where everyone gathers, and you’ll be able to take about your products and services in between games to let those who stop by know what you have to offer them.

Make Meaningful Connections

Often, at trade shows and conventions, many people barely spend any time at the booths that are offered. They gather up the freebies and barely take a look at what’s being offered. Your booth will be the hit of the convention when you have one of our tables and dealers to take care of those who stop by to see you. Connect with your guests, talk to them about what they do and offer them your services during the trade show. You’ll be remembered for the game table and the conversation when you get guests to spend some time at your booth.

Let Our Team Help You

If you attend the same trade shows and conventions every year, you know when they are. Give our team at M and M Entertainment a call and let our team show you what we can offer to make sure your booth is the one that has the most traffic during the trade show. We’ll set up a game that has felt with your company logo on it, print up cards and chips with your name and message, and staff your booth with expert dealers while you spend time meeting and greeting your guests.

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