3 Special Events That Are Better With a Photobooth

If you’ve been to any special event or gathering in the past year or so, you’ll know that photobooths are all the rage lately! From traditional snapshot photobooths, to DIY booths with interchangeable backdrops and props, it’s hard to ignore the memory-making trend that has taken the party planning world by storm. In fact, if you’re planning your own special event right now, it’s almost expected that there’s going to be some sort of photobooth opportunity for your guests — Because hey, why not?

With high-quality photos as a keepsake, your guests will always remember how you made the event special and how much fun they had celebrating! That being said, here are three events you absolutely must pencil in a photobooth for on your party planning checklist:

1. Sweet Sixteens

Today, sweet sixteens are bigger, better, and more fun than ever! Kids these days are going all out, putting together a court of their best friends all clad in the same attire — perfect for classy, yet sophisticated impromptu photo opportunities! Let your daughter and her friends be happy and get silly with a high-quality photobooth to capture all their favorite memories. After all, she’s only going to turn sixteen once, right?

2. Milestone Celebrations

From 21st birthdays and graduations, to retirement parties and more! What’s more important than capturing the spirit of that very moment for years and years to come? Make sure you have a photobooth to document all the celebratory shenanigans. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

3. Weddings

Ahh, the mecca of all parties! Your wedding might just be the most significant day of your life, and while of course, you’ll have professional photographers on hand to capture the big moments, don’t let those little fun ones pass you by. A photobooth will help ensure that every small detail is remembered for a lifetime — and that your rowdy college besties will be reminded of their mischief on your wedding day no matter what!

Booking a photobooth experience from Casinos by M&M means that your guests will enjoy more than just a snapshot. Our photobooth rental packages include:

  • Rental of the latest Polaroid FP4 photobooth
  • Delivery and setup
  • Onsite technician to ensure smooth operation
  • Color or black and white film

A photobooth will help make any event more memorable. So, when it comes to choosing a photobooth rental company, go with the pros. Casinos by M&M is here to make your party a huge success! For more information, feel free to contact us online or call us at 1-800-HAVE-A-BLAST! And, don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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