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Raise Money for Your Favorite Charity

Whether you need to raise money for one of the school teams that your kids play on, or you’re looking for a great way to raise a lot of money for research for diseases and cures, our team at M and M Entertainment can help you.  People love to play games and we provide a safe and secure environment for those who want to have a lot of fun play and enjoy a great night while supporting the charity of choice.  With our help, everyone comes out a winner and will have a great time.

You Bring the Prizes; We Bring the Games

Our team of experts can set up a casino night of games to be your fundraiser and make it easy for those who want to play to have a great game.  Our expert dealers will teach your guests how to play the different games we offer and bring the currency that will be used during the night.  Let them donate to the charity in support of the cause and have a lot of fun playing poker, craps, roulette, or blackjack during the evening together.  Everyone will have a great time with our dealers at the table.

Forget the Dinner

Too often, we see fundraiser that ask for a plate of food to be paid for that doesn’t much at all.  While dinner is fine and we can all enjoy a nice meal together, you should make your fundraiser more memorable.  With our help, you can turn your casino night fundraiser into an annual event and offer the fun to your guests that they look forward to all year.  It’s a good bet that you’ll raise more money with a casino night than you ever did with a dinner.


The Right Atmosphere

Not only do we offer expert dealers to guide and teach your guests how to play the games we bring, our tables and currency are made of high-quality materials to give your guests the feeling of being in a real casino. We’ll be glad to set up the tables you want and offer as many games as you’d like to have for the fun night together.  By using our currency, your guests can feel free to donate more to the fundraiser since they won’t be betting any of their own money during the evening of game play.

We’ll Help You Plan

Casino night fun is our expertise and we love helping you raise money for activities and charities that need it.  Give our team at M and M Entertainment a call today and we’ll discuss the different packages and options we offer to make it easy for you to have a successful game night of fun during your fundraiser.  Your event will be the one that everyone remembers all year long as they look forward to the next time you have a fundraiser and host a casino night of fun.  Give us a call today.

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