6 Strategies to Perfect Your Bluffing Skills

Is poker really poker if no one tries to bluff? To this we say — would you still consider a sandwich, a sandwich without the bread? Hardly. Bluffing and poker go hand in hand, which is why you’ll need to master these six skills to stay on top of your bluffing game.

  1. Bluff wisely. By this we mean, don’t take every bluffing opportunity that comes your way. Be selective and switch up your style to keep your opponents on their toes.
  2. Be observant. In order to bluff with confidence, you’ll need to be able to read your opponents well. Take some times to study their betting habits and tells. A little recon goes a long way!
  3. Stay humble. Don’t go trying to bluff an entire table of poker professionals. For best results, run you bluffs in a hand where no more than two players remain.
  4. Mind the newbies. Most inexperienced players will call bets regardless of the strength of their hand, as they’re still learning the ins and outs. For this reason, newbies can be pretty unpredictable, so it’s best to hold your bluff.
  5. Use your senses. If all signs point to your opponent having a very strong hand, lay off the bluffing for a bit. You don’t want to be caught bringing a knife to a gunfight!
  6. Position yourself. If you have the good fortune of being in last position, you’re in luck! This is the best position to be in to maximize your bluff’s success — use it wisely.

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