How Did the Joker Card Come About?

The joker card is a bit of an outsider. Many decks don’t include them and lots of us take them out before a game, so why was the Joker card added in the first place? If you’ve ever been curious about the Joker card’s origin, you’re in luck! Here’s a brief history of how the deck’s most unique card came to be.

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The Beginning: Though playing cards have been around for thousands of years, the Joker is a relatively new addition, appearing for the first time during the Civil war. It was then that Euchre players created new rules for their game, one of which included adding another “trump” card — originally called the Best Bower.

The Hype: The Best Bower was widely used and sought after, so it wasn’t long before American and British manufacturers began including the whimsical card in their own decks. Soon, the Best Bower became known as the Jolly Joker, or Joker. At the time, there was no universal look to the card, so companies branded it with their own logo or design.

The Versatility: Unlike other cards in a deck, the joker has a different value and purpose in every game. It is considered the best card in Euchre, wild in poker and the losing card in the children’s game “Old Maid.” Despite its limited use today, the joker card is a favorite among players who love the history of the character and the cards ability to reflect the culture it was made in.

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5 Types of Parties to Master

Life is full of celebrations, but it’s important to keep in mind that a party is only as good as it is memorable. That being said, here’s how to up the ante with some of life’s most memorable party moments.

  1. Bridal Shower – We’re all bound to have a close family member or friend who’s ready to tie the knot someday. So, when that day comes, make sure you’re prepared to throw the best bridal party ever! Keep in mind that the decor and party theme should be soft and bright, but should also tap into the couple’s passions and their story with one another.
  1. Housewarming – One day you’ll finally have your own place to call home. Whether that be your first apartment, your starter home after marriage, or the dream home you’ve been working towards for years — a housewarming party will certainly be in order! The best way to warm a home is by inviting friends and family to a themed dinner party, with matching entertainment.
  1. Milestone Birthday – Thirty? Fifty? One hundred? No matter which birthday milestone your loved ones are approaching, you better be ready to throw them the best party possible. Birthday’s are about celebrating life, so make sure to have plenty of photos displayed and lively entertainment to get your guests going.
  1. Retirement – The day has finally come — your loved one is hanging up their hat and closing a chapter in their life in search of something new and exciting. A retirement party should be lively and exhilarating, much like the adventure your loved one is about to embark on in the next phase of their life. That means entertainment is important to make the night memorable!
  1. Summer Party- The most popular of annual extravaganzas is the summer party. As we head into the warmer weather, start thinking of how you’ll incorporate summer fun into your annual party again this year. Don’t forget a tent for inclement weather, and a BBQ menu to celebrate the season.

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The History of Poker Chips

Today, poker chips are a staple of casinos and gambling worldwide, but this was not always the case. In fact, these valuable tokens were not even a thought until the 1880s.

Casino chips on gaming table

Way back when, in the nineteenth century, poker players would wager small tokens of value in place of modern day poker chips. These included tiny nuggets of gold and even gold dust. While wagering personal property and gold as currency was the norm back then, the need for a standardized betting solution was definitely evident.

In reaction to this desperate need, casino and saloon owners began handing out their own standardized substitutes, including pieces of ivory, bone, and clay. However, as you can imagine these were very easy to replicate and many early gamers caught onto this quickly. This prompted owners to begin customizing their betting tokens with personalized symbols.

And so, the idea for a standardized poker chip was born! In the 1880s entrepreneurs began to realize the potential capital gain that would come from mass producing a standard poker chip, and so they set out creating them from clay composition — just like the poker chips we know today.

The invention of the poker chip changed the way the game of poker was played and revolutionized the gaming industry as a whole. These days, casinos owners and poker chips manufacturers are better equipped to handle and catch counterfeiters. Each chip has it’s own unique weight, texture and feel. Some are even manufactured with microchips or serial numbers for added protection.

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How to Host a Fun & Exciting Party

In today’s day and age free time is hard to come by, so when you do have a chance to get together with friends and family it’s important that everything is perfect! Afterall, if you’re going to make memories, you might as well do it right. If you’re looking to plan a fun gathering in the future, here are a few tips to help make your planning process easier and your party memorable.

Below view of group of friends toasting with wine.

Give ample notice. What’s a party without your guests? Once you solidify a date, make sure to send out invites as soon as possible. Ideally, your guests should receive their invitations at least three weeks in advance so they have time to pencil your party in!

Make a plan. The best party is an organized party, and what better way to make sure you hit all the necessary elements than with a to-do list? Write out everything you need to accomplish for your party, and set deadlines so you don’t forget.

Get some finger foods. Unless you’re hosting a large event at a catering hall, forgo the fancy dinner and opt for something more simple. A variety of appetizers and finger foods will usually do the trick. Not only are they easy to make, but they allow your guests to get their party on without the interruption of a sit-down dinner.

Choose a theme. Pick something unique and fun for everyone — like a casino party! Make sure to really play up the theme in all aspects of your party planning, from food choices and decor, to recommended party attire. The more involved you can get your guests the better!

Plan plenty of activities. All memorable parties have at least one thing in common — exciting entertainment! No one wants to go to a party where people are sitting around in silence. Having a wide variety of activities — or in our opinion, casino games — is a sure-fire way to get everyone involved, excited and having fun.

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Top 5 Gambling States in the US

Gambling is just one of the many great American pastimes, and boy do we have the statistics to prove it! The National Gambling Impact Study Commission (NGISC) has suggested that Americans spend more on gambling than on recorded music, theme parks, video games, spectator sports and movie tickets combined. In fact, they estimated a whopping $910 billion is spent on gambling country-wide per year. However, some US states are bigger gamblers than others, and we’ve brought you the top five grossing gambling states to confirm it!

American Flag Made of Chips | Casino Holiday Parties Long Island NY

  1. Indiana – Home to thirteen casinos, Indiana grosses an approximate $2.3 billion dollar gaming revenue per year. Each of their casinos — be it a riverboat or land-based location — charge a $3 admission tax per person, which brings in about $806.6 million alone.
  1. Louisiana – Bringing in about $2.4 billion each year, this state is known for its eighteen casinos, but most notably for its racetracks. In fact, the American Gaming Association reported that 18% of the revenue generated at their racetrack casinos is paid directly to the horsemen themselves.
  1. New Jersey – While four of its twelve casinos closed in the past year, New Jersey’s Atlantic City is still holding its spot at number three on our list, averaging $2.87 billion in gaming revenue annually. Just a step behind the iconic Vegas strip, New Jersey was the second state to legalize casinos in 1976, opening its first shortly after in 1978.
  1. Pennsylvania – First legalized in 2004, casino gambling is still pretty new to PA who opened its first casino in 2007. From traditional to racetrack casinos, Pennsylvania horse races, slots and table games bring in about $3.1 billion in revenue between its 11 casinos.
  1. Nevada – As if you expected anything less! Nevada holds down the number one spot thanks to the legendary Las Vegas strip, home to 265 casinos pulling a whopping $11.1 billion dollar revenue per year. In just 2012 alone, the American Gaming Association reported 52.3 million visitors!

While there are many wonderful casinos out there nationwide, there’s nothing quite like a night spent pressing your luck from the comfort of your own home or a local neighborhood venue. No matter what the occasion is — wedding, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, corporate event, fundraiser, etc. — bringing real life casino action to your guests will make your party a memorable one.

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Casino Game Odds – The Best & Worst

Are you planning to hit the casino over the long holiday weekend? If so, we’re sure you’ll want to know which games to bet big on and which to skip altogether. Here are a few of casino games that we found to have the best odds, and those that have historically had the worst.

dices on dollars bill

These casino games offer the best odds for winning big:

  • Roulette – The ultimate game of chance — with (nearly) 50/50 odds! While betting on specific numbers is a little trickier, sticking to the simple “red or black” betting strategy gives the player almost a 50/50 shot at beating the house.
  • Blackjack – This game is up there on the list thanks to its simplicity: Easy-to-follow rules and only one opponent, the dealer. While mastering counting cards can be a beneficial, but sneaky strategy, even without this skill the odds of winning are still more than 50%.
  • Craps – Placing a single bet in craps will not yield such high odds, but layering your bets will. A player has the option to place up to 10 different bets on the same number, giving them more opportunities to win.

With these casino games, you’re better off betting small, or not at all:

  • Slot Machines – While they may be flashy and fun, the odds of hitting the jackpot on your favorite slot machine are slim. If you’re dead set on playing slots, your best odds are betting the max on the most expensive slots on the casino floor. The lower the minimum bet required, the worse the odds of winning become.
  • Keno – It has been said that for every one game a player wins in Keno, they’ll lose more than two after. This has historically been the game with the absolute worst odds for the player and the best odds for the dealer!

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#FactFriday: Slot Machines – Fact v. Fiction

You may have heard that slot machines have the worst odds out of any game in the casino and it’s usually true. Winning big on a slot machine will take a lot more time, effort and money than it can take to get lucky in roulette, yet slot machines are still one of the most played casino games across the board.

While this myth might have been true, there are many others that deserve debunking when it comes to slots. Here are some of the most common:

Myth: Casinos program their slot machines to go through a specific cycle of plays versus payouts, and their payout amount is limited by a programmed percentage of bets taken.
Fact: Negative! Each spin is completely randomized and independent of the spins before and after it. It doesn’t matter if someone just hit the jackpot, the odds are always the same on every spin.

Myth: You have a better chance of a higher payout if you don’t insert your player card.
Fact: Much like the programmable payout myth, this is also a fallacy. The machine will not take into account whether a card has been inserted, and these two mechanisms actually function completely independent of one another.

Myth: It is possible for casinos to tighten the odds of a specific gaming machine with just the push of a button.
Fact: While this can be true for some machine, there are regulations in place to make sure that alterations are not made on the spot. Some rules require a specific amount of idle time before a machine can be remotely tightened. However, most machines still require alterations to be made manually.

Myth: Slot machines are looser during the week and on off-days, but harder to win on during high traffic times like weekends and holidays.
Fact: While it’s possible to do, it would take a ton of time and effort to keep altering the odds on each machine weekly or even seasonally. Plus, they want you to win! Winning means you’ll come back and try your luck again.

Now that some of the most common slot machine myths have been debunked, are you ready to press your luck? Casinos by M&M can bring the slots to you for your next party or gathering!

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How to Be a Better Poker Player

Do you love playing poker, but wish you could win a bit more than you lose? Here are a few simple tips to help you improve your poker skills and take home the pot!


Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to fold. Playing every hand isn’t always best. In fact, it’s a common misconception that the more hands you play the better your odds. This is false and in actuality, failing to fold on bad hands will actually decrease your odds and make you lose more.

Tip #2: Keep your composure. It’s easy to toss back a few too many while sitting around the table with some buddies for a poker night, or even whilst playing in a casino, but that extra beer or martini can cost you. Poker is a real “thinking game” which means your head must be clear at all times!

Tip #3: Hold the bluffs. While bluffing can be a very effective technique, it’s important to know when to bluff and when to fold. In order to successfully bluff, the situation must be perfect and you must be able to read your opponents perfectly.

Tip #4: Don’t let emotions get in the way. Playing poker when you’re mad, sad or in an overall bad mood can be detrimental to your money pile. Letting your emotions get the best of you can cause you to make bad or rash judgement calls.

Tip #5: Pay attention! Make sure you’re keeping track of the cards that have been dealt and the moves that your opponents are making. Even after you fold, it’s important to continue to pay attention in order to understand and read your opponents for upcoming hands.

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#TipTuesday! – The Do’s and Don’ts of Casino Etiquette

While going to the casino is all about having fun, winning money and making memories, it’s important to be careful not to take photos with friends near gambling areas. While it may be tempting to snap a shot of your best friend’s face when he or she hits it big, flash photography is severely frowned upon in casinos and can even get you kicked out of the establishment. This is due to the strict security measures that are taken to ensure that gambling patrons are not cheating.

Playing cards online

If you’re headed to the casino soon, here are a few more etiquette do’s and don’ts that you’ll need to be aware of:

  • Don’t hand your money directly to the dealer. They are not allowed to take money straight out of your hands for security reasons.
  • Do place your bet on the table in front of you so the dealer can count it on the table for the security cameras before they pick it up.
  • Don’t hold your cards with two hands and don’t remove them from the table. This rule helps prevent players from any unfair slides of the hand.
  • Do hold your cards in one hand in plain sight and leave any face down deals right on the table so the dealer can be sure you’re not cheating.
  • Don’t touch your chips or try to change your bet once the cards have been dealt. The dealer will call “all bets,” signalling your last chance to place a wager.
  • Do make sure to bet before the dealer calls. This ensures that you cannot cheat and change your bet if the odds begin to show in your favor.
  • Don’t say your decision out loud, but do signal it instead. Just like the money on the table rule, the casino’s security cameras need to be able to view and review your decision to stay, fold, hit, raise, etc., in case of discrepancies.
  • Do remember to tip your dealers, as they usually work on a minimum wage salary and make most of their money on tips. While tipping after every hand isn’t necessary, tipping after a big win or after a few wins in a row is greatly appreciated.
  • Do feel comfortable asking a dealer for help or their opinion. Like we stated above, dealers work for tips, and without winners those tips don’t exist! A great dealer roots for the players and is usually happy to give their professional opinion if you’re unsure.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, we think you’re ready to test your skills at your own casino party with Casinos by M&M before hitting the big leagues!

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