5 Things You Didn’t Know About Casinos

Did you know that casinos are filled with thousands of security cameras? You may have, but we bet you didn’t know that some older casinos didn’t have eyes on all of their tables until as recent as 20 years ago. Today, every modern casino has a large team of surveillance staff members whose sole job is to keep an eye out for foul play across the many camera feeds.


Are you itching to know more? Here are 5 more things you likely didn’t know about casinos until right now:

  1. Research has shown that casinos actually lose money on 25% of their guests. In addition to the high overhead costs of keeping the casino and staff up and running, think about the casino goers that play very little or those that win big. These are all factors that keep the house from truly winning, but the largest group that weighs down the profits are those players that play just enough to receive free perks, like complimentary rooms or meals.
  2. There may be complimentary perks that are more easily attainable than you think. The next time you head out to a casino inquire about their rewards and players programs. Sometimes simply signing up, or signing up a friend will get you complimentary players cash, a meal or even a night’s stay!
  3. The casino can actually ban you from playing specific games if you win too much. Though this might seem unfair, know that the odds of being this lucky are slim to none. The majority of players who are barred from certain games are categorized as advantage players – card counters, trackers, etc. – so as long as you don’t cheat, you’re in the clear!
  4. If you feel that you’ve been shorted or cheated at any time while playing on the casino floor you can always call gaming control or the local gaming regulatory agency to investigate the issue. Every casino understands that sometimes errors are made, and they are open to reviewing any guest complaints that are made with care and courtesy.
  5. If you win big on a jackpot but don’t want to carry around all of that cash, just ask for a check! Most times if you ask the supervisor before you’re paid out they should be able to accommodate your request, and might even be able to split your winnings between cash and check if that is more convenient.

At Casinos by M&M we promise that there are no eyes in the sky, you can play as much as you like, and everybody wins! Bring the magic of casino gambling to your very own home with our authentic, casino-grade gaming tables and slot machines.

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Common Gambling Superstitions

A recent study revealed that a whopping 80% of gamblers believe casino superstitions to be true and/or have their own good luck ritual or charm. From playing lucky numbers, to carrying a lucky rabbit’s foot, crossing your fingers or wearing your lucky socks, there are tons of ways to exercise superstition on the casino floor. Here are a few of the most commonly practiced casino superstitions and rituals associated with either number, table etiquette or color.


Numbers & Colors: Playing the right number is the name of the game when it comes to gambling, and the color can help too!

  • Unlucky Number 13 – Going anywhere near the number 13 is as unlucky as superstitions come. Not only is it frowned upon to play 13, but gamblers are so superstitious about it’s destructive powers that hotels on the Las Vegas strip were constructed with no 13th floor.
  • The $50 Bill – As legend has it, years ago mobsters would stuff a $50 bill into the jacket pockets of their victims before burying them, giving the bank note a bad aura. Today, casinos generally do not even carry $50 bills, since many gamblers refuse to accept them.
  • Prosperous Number 8 – According to Chinese culture, the number eight is lucky since it’s Chinese pronunciation is very similar to the pronunciation for the Chinese word prosperity.
  • Deadly Number 4 – Along the same lines, the number 4 is considered unlucky since it’s Chinese pronunciation sounds very much like the Chinese word for death.
  • Wearing Red – Chinese superstitions say that the color red is good luck, which is why many big time Chinese gamblers wear red underwear for added playing power.

Table Etiquette: According to gamblers, the way you play makes all the difference when it comes to getting lucky and winning big.

  • Counting – Keep your money in your pocket when you’re seated at a table. Counting your winnings during gameplay is distasteful and brings bad luck.
  • Sit Straight & Silent – Gamblers believe that crossing your legs during gameplay will “cross out your good luck,” while annoyances like whistling and singing are punished by the gambling gods.
  • Lady Luck – When playing a dice game, let a lovely lady blow on your dice before you roll for instant good luck.
    Hands to Yourself – Touching the arm or shoulder of any player while they’re playing brings bad luck.

No matter what superstitions your believe to be true, if it works for you we support it!

At Casinos by M&M we’re committed to providing an authentic casino feel, superstitions and all! Our friendly dealers are here to help, offering step by step instruction for whatever games you choose. To learn more about how to book a casino party, call 1-800-HAVE-A-BLAST. We promise to dust each table with a bit of luck before they arrive!

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