Avoid These Common Bluffing Mistakes

When it comes to playing cards, next to learning all the basic rules, the most important thing to master is the art of bluffing. Learning how to play a bad hand on a good bluff can be very beneficial, but committing any of the following bluffing mistakes can cost you the pot!

Letting your mood show. The first rule of bluffing is to keep a good poker face. No matter what you’re feeling about current or past hands, make sure your non-verbals don’t give anything away. Keep cool, calm and collected at all times.

Upping the ante too much. If you suddenly spring for a bigger bet, chances are your opponents will sense something’s up. If you’ve been betting conservatively all game, keep your strategy as consistent as possible going forward.

Bluffing without justification. Many novice poker players will bluff, just to bluff. After a while, opponents will catch on, making future bluffs less believable. Don’t be the little boy who cried bluff!

Ignoring the financial consequences. Think about what might happen should your bluff not go as planned. Can you afford to lose to a higher betting opponent at this time? If the answer is no, consider holding back unless you’re absolutely sure you can beat them.

Failing to bluff altogether. Don’t be afraid to employ a bluffing strategy every once in awhile. As long as you play your cards right, bluffing can be the best thing for your bankroll!

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Master the Art of Bluffing in Poker

It has often been said that the ability to bluff, and bluff well, is what sets a good poker player apart from a great one. Well, here at Casinos by M&M, we couldn’t agree more! Learning how to pull off a bluff in a game of poker can completely change your odds and help you win the pot — but only if it’s done right!

    1. Be selective. Playing every hand will tarnish your credibility as a bluffer! Instead, carefully select which hands you play and which you do not. That way, people will take you seriously when you bluff a good hand, thinking you must have something if you’re still in.


    1. Keep it small. Bluffing can backfire in a crowd. Try to stick to a strict “two players or less” rule whenever you decide to bluff. It’s more difficult to intimidate more than two players at a time.


    1. Stay away from newbies. Rookie poker players are unpredictable and will often call bets regardless of what their hand looks like. That means your bluffing skills might lose you a hand, no matter how good they might be.


    1. Consistency is key. A bluff works best when you’ve already been playing consistently. By then, other players will feel like they’re able to anticipate your next move, which makes blindsiding them with a good bluff easier.


  1. Limit your bluffs. Bluffing all the time is dangerous for many reasons. For one, the skills to pull off a good bluff come with time and experience, so bluffing often is a gamble. In addition, other players will pick up on your bluffs if you try to trick them frequently.

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