Top Tips to Beat the Casino Odds

When we try our luck out at the casino the object of the game is to win of course, but how exactly do you beat the house when they have the best odds? It’s no secret that when you gamble you’ll usually lose more than you win, but maybe there’s a way to offset those odds a bit. Here are a few great tips to help you beat the dealer and take home the pot!

Win in the casinoSay “when”, when you’re winning. Based on the laws of mathematics, statistics show that though the odds may be in your favor for a period of time, inevitably the tables will turn and the house will win. As the saying goes, quit while you’re ahead! This will ensure that you’ll keep your winnings safe and sound in your pockets, where they belong.

Don’t be afraid to bet big. Though many people shy away from tables and head to the slots, slot machines can actually empty your pockets faster with little-to-no return on investment. Low bet machines, like those that accept penny and nickel bets, have the odds cranked up higher in the casino’s favor. Playing tables gives you the best odds, but if you’re stuck on slots shoot for machines with a higher minimum bet so you have a better chance of hitting.

Defy the laws of attraction. Casinos draw you into the games and machines that they want you to play by upping the ante with loud noises and colorful flashing lights. Even on table games, the most reckless bets are drawn in vibrant colors, like “the Field” and “Any 7” on the craps table. As a general rule, be weary of anything that’s distinctively “calling your name” in the casino.

Always wear a watch. It’s easy to get sucked into another dimension while in a casino, where time stands still and it’s never time for bed. That’s exactly what casino owners want to happen, which is why you’d be hard-pressed to find a clock in any direction that you look. Don’t let yourself lose track of time, betting and losing into the wee hours of the morning. Instead, treat yourself to a flashy new timepiece with your winnings!

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Top 5 Most Popular Casino Games

Casinos are a staple of good old-fashioned fun worldwide. Why? Because not only can you press your luck and double your money, but there are ample opportunities and tons of great games to help you do so! With so many game choices, there’s something for everyone – regardless of skill level, experience or personal preference. Here’s a list of the top 5 casino games that people love to play:

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1. Blackjack – This classic casino game is often one of the first table games that beginners learn. It’s straight-forward rules and quick game-play make blackjack a much sought-after staple element for casinos and casino parties alike. Plus, its the only game in the casino where the player has better odds than the house!

2. Craps – It is said that this high-intensity casino favorite was originally invented over 1000 years ago in Arabia, making its first appearance in the United States in New Orleans. If you stand around any craps table, you’re bound to be sucked in by the contagious thrill of this dice-driven game.

3. Roulette – The best part of this game is that it’s completely up to chance, which makes it perfect for players of all experience-levels. Place your bet on your favorite number, your birthday, the last two digits of your license plate – whatever you choose – and let your fate be decided by the spin of a wheel!

4. Baccarat – This game is noted for having high payouts for winners, which makes it a great choice for the high-rollers in your family and out of your friends. The freedom to bet on multiple different aspects of gameplay make this one an obvious addition to the top 5!

5. Three-Card Poker – What’s a casino without a few poker tables? Of the many poker variations, 3-card is a classic and is one of the most popular. This is due in part to its simple structure and high probability of a good return on your chip investment!

At Casinos by M&M, we offer all of these game options and more! Our authentic tables are in pristine condition, and our friendly dealers are sure to be a hit. To learn more about booking our casino games for your next party or fundraiser, click here or call 1-800-HAVE-A-BLAST.

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