3 Card Games for Thanksgiving

Looking for something fun to do when visiting family this Thanksgiving? Luckily, there are plenty of options and card games can be a nice way of getting everyone together at the table. Here are some fun card games that are great for the entire family.

1. Go Fish

When you want to get the younger kids involved, a friendly game of Go Fish goes a long way. Typically, the game is meant for up to six players, but you can always take turns so everyone gets a chance to play. Each player will have a chance to ask others if they have a card of the same rank. The object is to get four sets of matching rank cards.

2. War

Some people like to change the name to Head to Head, but the object is the same. The deck of cards is split up evenly between two players and each player will draw one card from the top of their deck each turn. The player who draws the card with the higher rank wins. This continues until one player remains with all of the cards.

3. I Doubt It

Players will be given an equal amount of cards. It goes around in a circle with each player proclaiming the rank of a card while lying it face down in the center. The next player can either play their own card next, or they can call out “I Doubt It” to say the previous player was lying about which card they played. If the previous player is lying, they get all of the cards played. If the player who called out “I Doubt It” is wrong, they receive the cards. The winner is the one who gets rid of their cards first.

These are all fun card games you can play this Thanksgiving to enjoy time with your loved ones.

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