Casino Parties in New York City and Long Island

Casino parties are the newest, coolest way to have real Las Vegas casino entertainment right at your fingertips on Long Island and in NYC! 

Casino parties are great for fundraisers, corporate events, private parties and birthdays! M&M Entertainment will bring the games and you’ll have all the fun. From one table to an entire casino, we have the complete package for your casino party needs. Check out the party supplies we offer for different party themes!

Bring a little Las Vegas action to your next party! Our casino events are a unique blend of fun, excitement and professionalism!

Whether it’s Texas Hold’em, Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Slot Machines, Money wheel games or other exciting casino games, our dealers will ensure that your guests have an unforgettable evening and your casino party is a success!

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    We will supply your event with our deluxe custom-made tables. Soft leather bumpers, solid wooden inlays and brass cup holders will set the tone for your event. We have a wide variety of tables to suit each individual needs and budgets. Each casino event is tailored to your specific needs and requirements, and because all our equipment is transported, we can set up a fun casino at your venue of choice, be it an office, club, reception area, conference room, or even your home.

    Blackjack Casino Parties

    Our Blackjack tables are the envy of the industry, boasting hand carved mahogany, 6 deck shoe and discard rack. Our professional dealers keep the game moving, and offer excellent instruction. The Blackjack Table accommodates 7 players. Our award-winning dealers will keep your guests laughing all night long.

    Roulette Casino Parties

    Our professional dealers are trained to provide you with provide step by step instruction. M&M Roulette tables come in various sizes with professional mahogany hand carved roulette wheels, padded armrests and multiple color chips. Our Roulette equipment is the best available anywhere. While the table may look overwhelming, the idea of the game is to guess the number, the more accurate you are, the better payoff.

    Craps Casino Parties

    Our stick men are known in the industry to be the best in the business, delighting crowds with their fun and zany sense of humor. Craps is played on our gorgeous hand carved mahogany tables with professional dice. Our Craps tables come in various sizes with padded armrests, double chip racks, drink rail, and mirrored glass. M&M craps dealers are teaching dealers, so you will be a pro in no time.

    Poker Casino Parties

    We offer either an octagonal or a Hold’em style poker table. The octagonal table seats 7 and the Hold’em style table seats 9 plus a dealer. We have the best Pit Bosses in the industry when it comes to Poker. Our dealers travel the world dealing pro tournaments. Our testimonials demand that their tournaments are run by our knowledgeable dealers and will often book their pokers nights around their availability, taking no chances. Insist on the best and we will make you shine.

    Deluxe Slot Machines

    Our slots are the finest in the industry, with the best and most sophisticated graphics. All parties have back-up machines and custom cases to ensure the highest reliability. If your guests ever need assistance, our M&M slot technicians are always on hand. All M&M Entertainment slot machines are three-wheel regulation with electronically set internals.

    The Money Wheel

    Because of its popularity and easy-to-play premise, Money Wheel is probably the first game you’ll see when walking into most casinos. It usually has a crowd pressing in from all sides, gasping and cheering as the wheel comes to a full stop. Part of the thrill is watching with anticipation as the wheel slows down and each outcome passes by more slowly than the last. Will it stop on this one or keep on to the next?

    Show Me The Money!

    We provide a wide selection of custom branded novelty bank notes. This currency is issued to your guests at the beginning of the party and can be use throughout to play any of our exciting casino games. Don’t be fooled by homemade fun money, our fun money is sent to a professional printer and made on a Heidelberg press, it is not done on computer or a copy machine.

    Chips & Cards

    The chips we use are 11.5-gram clay composite casino quality chips (we don’t use cheap plastic chips). We use regulation casino playing card decks. All the table Party Supplies are authentic (dice, pucks, stick with craps, marker and balls for roulette).

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