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If you want to know how a business really treats its customers, you’ve got to hear it straight from them. That’s why here at Casinos by M&M, we encourage client feedback. We love hearing about your experience with us! Check out some of our glowing testimonials below:

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Over the past few years we have held a number of Casino Events. Casinos By M&M (who we used for the first time) brought us to a whole new level. Our revenues are up and just as, if not more, important, our guests had a wonderful time. You made Autism’s success your mission. You promoted our auction and raffles, you impeccably timed the sale of discount casino money… we could not asked for more.

-Connie Grassle, Development Coordinator
Treatment & Education of Children and Adults with Autism

The staff from M&M Entertainment couldn’t have been more accommodating to my guests. The money with Steve’s face, the tuxedos, the smiles and professionalism, the DJ, and Ronny’s positive attitude ALL illuminated throughout the hall. My guests were having so much fun. They had never been to a party like the one I hosted. My husband was thrilled and surprised. He had a blast.

-Monica Klein

Last year we had just the Dine Around with no Casino’s so I was working with no prior knowledge of how to run such an event. With your help your really eased my tensions. You always were just a phone call away and the night of the event your presence was greatly appreciated. It was one less thing I had to worry about. Everybody had a good time and your staff was helpful, knowledgeable and wonderful.

-Christine A. Nowark
Executive Director, LI Chapter, NYSRA

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