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Every April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day is supposed to be a celebration of our planet and everything it does for us as well as a reminder to us all that Earth’s resources are limited, and as long as we keep taking from our planet without giving anything back, we could be without a planet in the near future. This is a great opportunity for everyone to remember everything that they love about nature, even our local parks could be affected by our treatment of the planet.

We’ve compiled a few tips and ideas for throwing an awesome Earth Day celebration, so give it a look while planning your party, on Earth Day or any other day of the year!


A simple reduce, reuse, recycle project is a great idea for a craft, especially for kids! You could easily take an old jar or can and turn it into a small planter for something of your choosing; potentially flowers or even herbs so that you can have the added benefit of growing something you can eat!


A really popular idea for Earth Day is planting a tree in your neighborhood or at a local park. Trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into our atmosphere making them critical for our comfort and survival in this world. However, we cut a lot of trees down so that we can build on the land, or we use them to make paper products which greatly reduces their effect on our planet.

Food and Drinks

Serve all drinks in reusable water bottles to keep with our Earth day theme, whether you’re serving water, juice, or cocktails! You could even garnish the drinks with mint or basil from someone’s home-grown plant.

For food, try to keep it as natural as possible. Make a veggie pizza and use someone’s home-grown vegetables, or make smoothies for everyone with fresh fruits. Have some fun with it, make it bright and colorful and most importantly centered around the Earth!

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