How To Throw A Tiki Themed Party

Whether it’s for a birthday, a social event or just to have some fun, a tiki-themed party is always a good idea. The bright lights, colors, and food make for a great setting and are incredibly enticing to anyone who attends. If you are thinking of throwing a tiki party, just like the ones thrown in the party hubs in Vegas, here are a few ideas to help you plan it out:


One of the first things that you should start planning for is the basic theme of your party. Sure you want to go in for a Tiki-inspired party, but knowing exactly what you should be aiming for is important. The decor is essential in this regard because it sets the tone of your party and also gives your guests something that they will be in awe of. Start by choosing the colors that you want to go for. Warmer tones with hints of blue, green, and orange are generally a good idea for this kind of party. Flowers are a big part of the tiki theme, so try incorporating tropical themed floral decorations into your party space. If you are having an outdoor party, get some Tiki torches to light up the space and elevate the mood.

The Menu

If you want to throw a good themed party, having the right kind of food is always a huge component. When choosing your menu, look towards Hawaiian cuisine for inspiration. There are plenty of finger foods, easy to make dishes and even vegan options that you can choose when it comes to preparing your menu. If you are considering ordering your food from a restaurant, find a good Hawaiann cuisine restaurant that can give you authentic food.

No matter if you serve alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks, make sure you serve them in tiki cups to stay on theme! You can even curate special Hawaiian themed drinks that your guests can have to get a true island feeling.


While you can’t always make costumes required, you can send out a small memo to your guests to dress for the occasion. Tiki-themed costumes entail island wear and swimwear in bright colors. Floral patterns are ideal for this, especially if you are having an outdoor party. If you as a host want to stand out, you can always rent out a Hawaiian costume or buy one online.

Throwing a party is never easy, especially if you have an intricate theme. Opting to seek the help of a professional party planning service is generally ideal and can help you throw a brilliant party that your guests will remember forever. Casinos by M&M is the premier party planning company int he Northeast so don’t hesitate to give us a call the next time you’re planning a party!

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