Planning for Your Next Holiday Party

If you are looking for a great idea for your next holiday party and you want something that is fun and unique, why not consider a casino night? Casino nights are exciting and provide a broad range of activities for everyone to enjoy. Bring a different twist to your holiday gathering that your guests will love and remember. Perfect for corporate nights, holiday, and New Year’s Eve parties, and even fundraisers, casino parties bring the energy of Las Vegas or Atlantic City to your event.

Choosing the Best Around is Easy

For the best provider of casino parties in the greater New York area the name to know is M&M Entertainment. M&M has been serving New Yorkers with a wide variety of party and event planning options including casino parties since 1984. It doesn’t matter if you want just one or two table games or an entire casino gaming experience with craps, roulette, blackjack, poker and more, we have you covered. We even have deluxe slot machines and our famous Big Money Wheel!

Everything You Need in One Provider

We can provide you with in-house game currency, which is premium press printed fun money. You decide who gets how much at the start of the party and they use it as they wish for any of our games and activities. We also use real casino quality chips and regulation playing card decks to increase the realism of the experience for you and your guests. Everything that we provide is top of the line, and we guarantee to make your event memorable. We even have options for video karaoke, CD recording booths, magicians, cigar girls, and more. Just add your own catering and bar and you have a ready to go party that is sure to be a big winner!

Make the Night Uniquely Yours

You can even combine your casino party with any of our incredible themes, or we can work with your own theme idea, incorporating our gaming activates into your pre-decorated event space. No matter what you are looking for, we can be trusted to make it happen. From small to large events, your next holiday party or special event gathering can be unlike any other.

When it comes to planning your next holiday party or any other social gathering, call on us. With our great pricing plans, you don’t have to be a high roller to give your guests a casino party experience that will leave you looking like a true Vegas Big Whig and your guests feeling like VIPs!

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