5 Common Blackjack Blunders

Luck isn’t the only thing you’ll need at the casino if you’re looking to try your hand at a game of blackjack. While a little good fortune certainly helps, you should also be able to identify and avoid the most common blackjack mishaps. Here are a few blunders to be aware of to to take your card playing to the next level.

  1. Taking even money. No one wants to miss out on a surefire payout, and that’s what people assume they’re getting when they take an even bet — but is it actually as good as it seems? Short answer – no. When you have blackjack and the dealer shows an ace, there’s a 31% chance he also has blackjack, so that leaves a 69% chance he doesn’t. If you were to bet even, you’d be missing out on the chance to win 1.5 times your bet.
  2. Standing on a soft 18 against a dealer’s 10. When you stand on a soft 18, you’ll sadly lose more than you win. When you hit, you may also lose more than you win, but not as much as when you stand. So your best bet is to always hit and hope a stroke of luck comes your way!
  3. Not doubling 11 against a dealer’s 10. The chances of a dealer making the pat 20 are less than your chances of getting a 20 or 21. So, while doubling down might decrease your odds of winning slightly, it will increase your potential profit margin if you do win.
  4. Playing a soft hand with three or more cards. With a soft hand containing three or more cards, casino rules won’t let you double down, so what now? Just follow these two simple rules – if you have a 17 or less, always hit and if you have an 18 or more, stand; EXCEPT against a dealer’s 9, 10 or ace.
  5. Doubling for less. When you double down, your overall gain from the extra bet is always greater compared to your overall gain if you were to hit or stand. When doubling down, abide by the “go big or go home” principal and always double down for the full amount of your original bet.

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3 Surefire Betting Tips For Baccarat

Baccarat is over 600 years old and it is arguably the most popular game in the casino. It’s popularity can be linked with its simplicity, with only three bets to make, you feel confident when laying down your chips. But here are some betting tips to send your confidence through the roof:

Let it Ride on the Banker’s Hand
Baccarat is unique because you can bet on other players’ hands against the dealer’s. This leaves you with more opportunity to succeed versus a game like blackjack. The house always wins right? That is why betting on the banker’s hand leaves you with the best chance to win. You actually have a .22% better chance to win on the banker’s hand than any other hand on the table.

The Risk-Reward Bet
Contrary to popular belief, Casino’s are in the business to make money, not throw it away. Betting on the banker will have you winning more frequently but at the cost of a 5% commission. Betting on the player’s hand will lead to bigger payouts and more up and down swings. Just like in investing, the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

The Forbidden Fruit
Betting on a tie is like betting on the Jets to win the Super Bowl, hopeful but not likely. The house loves when you take the tie because they automatically gain almost a 16% advantage over the player. While it might yield the biggest payouts, the risk is simply not worth taking.

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Win More Poker Hands With These 3 Tips

While it’s always fun, playing poker may not always be so rewarding. With so many intelligent minds at the table all vying for the same pot, it’s quite difficult to come away with a win each time. Lucky for you, we’ve got three great tips to help you win more, and lose less!


  1. Bet strategic. Know that you don’t always have to play every hand, and be confident enough to decide when to hold’em and when to fold’em. Understand how your positioning at the table affects the cards you should and shouldn’t seek to play. Study up!
  2. Keep a straight face. Having a good poker face is imperative when it comes to playing the game well. One of the best ways to avoid giving away your hand to your opponents is by playing each hand the same. Keeping your bets consistent makes it more difficult for players to determine when your holding the winning hand, or when you’re bluffing.
  3. Be willing to adjust. No two opponents will ever play the same, therefore no two poker games will ever be identical. In order to win, you must be willing to deviate from your norm and adjust your tactics to match those of your opponents.

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How to Be a Better Poker Player

Do you love playing poker, but wish you could win a bit more than you lose? Here are a few simple tips to help you improve your poker skills and take home the pot!


Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to fold. Playing every hand isn’t always best. In fact, it’s a common misconception that the more hands you play the better your odds. This is false and in actuality, failing to fold on bad hands will actually decrease your odds and make you lose more.

Tip #2: Keep your composure. It’s easy to toss back a few too many while sitting around the table with some buddies for a poker night, or even whilst playing in a casino, but that extra beer or martini can cost you. Poker is a real “thinking game” which means your head must be clear at all times!

Tip #3: Hold the bluffs. While bluffing can be a very effective technique, it’s important to know when to bluff and when to fold. In order to successfully bluff, the situation must be perfect and you must be able to read your opponents perfectly.

Tip #4: Don’t let emotions get in the way. Playing poker when you’re mad, sad or in an overall bad mood can be detrimental to your money pile. Letting your emotions get the best of you can cause you to make bad or rash judgement calls.

Tip #5: Pay attention! Make sure you’re keeping track of the cards that have been dealt and the moves that your opponents are making. Even after you fold, it’s important to continue to pay attention in order to understand and read your opponents for upcoming hands.

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#TipTuesday! – The Do’s and Don’ts of Casino Etiquette

While going to the casino is all about having fun, winning money and making memories, it’s important to be careful not to take photos with friends near gambling areas. While it may be tempting to snap a shot of your best friend’s face when he or she hits it big, flash photography is severely frowned upon in casinos and can even get you kicked out of the establishment. This is due to the strict security measures that are taken to ensure that gambling patrons are not cheating.

If you’re headed to the casino soon, here are a few more etiquette do’s and don’ts that you’ll need to be aware of:

  • Don’t hand your money directly to the dealer. They are not allowed to take money straight out of your hands for security reasons.
  • Do place your bet on the table in front of you so the dealer can count it on the table for the security cameras before they pick it up.
  • Don’t hold your cards with two hands and don’t remove them from the table. This rule helps prevent players from any unfair slides of the hand.
  • Do hold your cards in one hand in plain sight and leave any face down deals right on the table so the dealer can be sure you’re not cheating.
  • Don’t touch your chips or try to change your bet once the cards have been dealt. The dealer will call “all bets,” signalling your last chance to place a wager.
  • Do make sure to bet before the dealer calls. This ensures that you cannot cheat and change your bet if the odds begin to show in your favor.
  • Don’t say your decision out loud, but do signal it instead. Just like the money on the table rule, the casino’s security cameras need to be able to view and review your decision to stay, fold, hit, raise, etc., in case of discrepancies.
  • Do remember to tip your dealers, as they usually work on a minimum wage salary and make most of their money on tips. While tipping after every hand isn’t necessary, tipping after a big win or after a few wins in a row is greatly appreciated.
  • Do feel comfortable asking a dealer for help or their opinion. Like we stated above, dealers work for tips, and without winners those tips don’t exist! A great dealer roots for the players and is usually happy to give their professional opinion if you’re unsure.

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The 10 Poker Hands You Need to Know

One of the most difficult things to grasp as a new or novice poker player is that the opportunities to win and the winning hand combinations are seemingly endless. With so many rules and an overabundance of cards, every single hand is completely different than the last. Luckily, while the actual card ranks can vary, there are only ten basic poker hands that can be made:


1. Royal Flush – If you’re holding an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 suited, you’re in luck! A royal flush is the best poker hand you can have, taking it’s “royal” name from the court cards that make up its majority.

2. Straight Flush – A step down from it’s royal superior, a straight flush includes any five cards, suited and in sequential order.

3. Four of a Kind – As its name suggests, this hand is made up of four cards of the same kind, one of each suit, and a fifth “kicker” card. Should two players have the same four of a kind, the player with the higher kicker wins the hand.

4. Full House – A mixture of three of a kind and a pair make up a full house. For example, having three aces and two kings would be considered “aces full of kings,” and is the highest full house hand possible.

5. Flush – Any five cards suited makes a flush, but while all five cards must share the same suit, they do not have to be in consecutive order. The highest card in the hand determines the flush’s rank.

6. Straight – The complete opposite of a flush, a straight must be consecutive but does not have to be suited. Again, the highest card in the straight determines the strength of the hand.

7. Three of a Kind – Similar to the higher ranking four of a kind hand, three of a kind consists of three cards of the same rank unsuited and any two others. The additional two cards do not have to be of equal rank or suit, but the higher they are the better.

8. Two Pair – If you’ve got two kings, two queens and a jack, that’s an example of a two pair. As long as you have two pairs of cards, each with matching rank, you’ve made the hand. The highest pair you’re holding will determine the strength of the hand.

9. One Pair – Just under the two pair is the one pair, consisting of only one pair of cards with matching rank and three additional cards. While this is usually not the winning hand, the higher the pair, the better!

10. High Card – When all else fails and your hand doesn’t fit any of the above requirements you’ve got a high card hand. If it comes down to it, the person with the highest ranking card wins the pot.

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The 4 Basic Types of Poker Players

The game of poker is strategic in more ways than one. Not only is your knowledge and skill of the game important, but your personal character and body language can make or break a hand. With so many different strategy types to mix, mold and adopt, it’s no wonder that no two poker players ever play the game exactly alike. There are however, four main style categories that most players can be generalized into.


The tight-passive player, commonly referred to as “the rock,” is only looking to play premium hands – aces, kings, queens, and the like. He’ll rarely take a chance on lower hands and doesn’t make a habit of betting or raising. If a rock is raising you, they’ve definitely got a good hand up their sleeve.

The loose-passive player, also known as “the calling station,” is big on calling, but shy on raising. No matter their hand, they’ll usually take the risk and play on most starting hands, but they rarely up the ante. This style is adopted by many beginners who haven’t quite developed a full understanding of the game, or are yet to hone their skills.

The tight-aggressive player, or the “TAG,” is selective with the hands that he or she plays, but often bets or raises. This strategies helps to simplify the game, eliminating losses from poor starting hands. However, the TAG is usually easily readable and easy to anticipate.

The loose-aggressive player, called the “LAG,” plays many hands and is known to bet or raise frequently. This strategy is highly risky, but when used effectively, as demonstrated by some poker professionals, it can produce large payouts. Typically, adopting a LAG playing style is characteristic of more seasoned, experienced players.

Do you, or any of your poker playing buddies fit these categories perfectly? We’d love to hear all about it on our Facebook page!

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Casinos

Did you know that casinos are filled with thousands of security cameras? You may have, but we bet you didn’t know that some older casinos didn’t have eyes on all of their tables until as recent as 20 years ago. Today, every modern casino has a large team of surveillance staff members whose sole job is to keep an eye out for foul play across the many camera feeds.


Are you itching to know more? Here are 5 more things you likely didn’t know about casinos until right now:

  1. Research has shown that casinos actually lose money on 25% of their guests. In addition to the high overhead costs of keeping the casino and staff up and running, think about the casino goers that play very little or those that win big. These are all factors that keep the house from truly winning, but the largest group that weighs down the profits are those players that play just enough to receive free perks, like complimentary rooms or meals.
  2. There may be complimentary perks that are more easily attainable than you think. The next time you head out to a casino inquire about their rewards and players programs. Sometimes simply signing up, or signing up a friend will get you complimentary players cash, a meal or even a night’s stay!
  3. The casino can actually ban you from playing specific games if you win too much. Though this might seem unfair, know that the odds of being this lucky are slim to none. The majority of players who are barred from certain games are categorized as advantage players – card counters, trackers, etc. – so as long as you don’t cheat, you’re in the clear!
  4. If you feel that you’ve been shorted or cheated at any time while playing on the casino floor you can always call gaming control or the local gaming regulatory agency to investigate the issue. Every casino understands that sometimes errors are made, and they are open to reviewing any guest complaints that are made with care and courtesy.
  5. If you win big on a jackpot but don’t want to carry around all of that cash, just ask for a check! Most times if you ask the supervisor before you’re paid out they should be able to accommodate your request, and might even be able to split your winnings between cash and check if that is more convenient.

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Common Gambling Superstitions

A recent study revealed that a whopping 80% of gamblers believe casino superstitions to be true and/or have their own good luck ritual or charm. From playing lucky numbers, to carrying a lucky rabbit’s foot, crossing your fingers or wearing your lucky socks, there are tons of ways to exercise superstition on the casino floor. Here are a few of the most commonly practiced casino superstitions and rituals associated with either number, table etiquette or color.


Numbers & Colors: Playing the right number is the name of the game when it comes to gambling, and the color can help too!

  • Unlucky Number 13 – Going anywhere near the number 13 is as unlucky as superstitions come. Not only is it frowned upon to play 13, but gamblers are so superstitious about it’s destructive powers that hotels on the Las Vegas strip were constructed with no 13th floor.
  • The $50 Bill – As legend has it, years ago mobsters would stuff a $50 bill into the jacket pockets of their victims before burying them, giving the bank note a bad aura. Today, casinos generally do not even carry $50 bills, since many gamblers refuse to accept them.
  • Prosperous Number 8 – According to Chinese culture, the number eight is lucky since it’s Chinese pronunciation is very similar to the pronunciation for the Chinese word prosperity.
  • Deadly Number 4 – Along the same lines, the number 4 is considered unlucky since it’s Chinese pronunciation sounds very much like the Chinese word for death.
  • Wearing Red – Chinese superstitions say that the color red is good luck, which is why many big time Chinese gamblers wear red underwear for added playing power.

Table Etiquette: According to gamblers, the way you play makes all the difference when it comes to getting lucky and winning big.

  • Counting – Keep your money in your pocket when you’re seated at a table. Counting your winnings during gameplay is distasteful and brings bad luck.
  • Sit Straight & Silent – Gamblers believe that crossing your legs during gameplay will “cross out your good luck,” while annoyances like whistling and singing are punished by the gambling gods.
  • Lady Luck – When playing a dice game, let a lovely lady blow on your dice before you roll for instant good luck.
    Hands to Yourself – Touching the arm or shoulder of any player while they’re playing brings bad luck.

No matter what superstitions your believe to be true, if it works for you we support it!

At Casinos by M&M we’re committed to providing an authentic casino feel, superstitions and all! Our friendly dealers are here to help, offering step by step instruction for whatever games you choose. To learn more about how to book a casino party, call 1-800-HAVE-A-BLAST. We promise to dust each table with a bit of luck before they arrive!

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Top Tips to Beat the Casino Odds

When we try our luck out at the casino the object of the game is to win of course, but how exactly do you beat the house when they have the best odds? It’s no secret that when you gamble you’ll usually lose more than you win, but maybe there’s a way to offset those odds a bit. Here are a few great tips to help you beat the dealer and take home the pot!

Win in the casinoSay “when”, when you’re winning. Based on the laws of mathematics, statistics show that though the odds may be in your favor for a period of time, inevitably the tables will turn and the house will win. As the saying goes, quit while you’re ahead! This will ensure that you’ll keep your winnings safe and sound in your pockets, where they belong.

Don’t be afraid to bet big. Though many people shy away from tables and head to the slots, slot machines can actually empty your pockets faster with little-to-no return on investment. Low bet machines, like those that accept penny and nickel bets, have the odds cranked up higher in the casino’s favor. Playing tables gives you the best odds, but if you’re stuck on slots shoot for machines with a higher minimum bet so you have a better chance of hitting.

Defy the laws of attraction. Casinos draw you into the games and machines that they want you to play by upping the ante with loud noises and colorful flashing lights. Even on table games, the most reckless bets are drawn in vibrant colors, like “the Field” and “Any 7” on the craps table. As a general rule, be weary of anything that’s distinctively “calling your name” in the casino.

Always wear a watch. It’s easy to get sucked into another dimension while in a casino, where time stands still and it’s never time for bed. That’s exactly what casino owners want to happen, which is why you’d be hard-pressed to find a clock in any direction that you look. Don’t let yourself lose track of time, betting and losing into the wee hours of the morning. Instead, treat yourself to a flashy new timepiece with your winnings!

Do you have any great tips on how to beat the house? Feel free to share them in the comments below, or connect with us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!

Casinos by M&M provides an authentic casino experience, equipped with entertaining dealers and personalized fun money to get the bets going. To learn about our product offerings and to speak with someone about booking a casino party, visit us on the web or dial 1-800-HAVE-A-BLAST.

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