4 Common Variations of Blackjack

While you may be familiar with traditional Blackjack, referred to by many avid players as simply “Twenty-One,” did you know that there are actually several different ways to play the game? Each variation takes it’s own spin on the original, swaying the odds in different directions and increasing the excitement of Blackjack in its own way. Here are 4 of the most commonly played Blackjack variations for you to become familiar with before your casino party.

Blackjack Switch: This type of Blackjack is more like an addition rather than a variation. All of the traditional rules of Blackjack apply, but an additional side-bet is made as well. Each player can bet on his or her individual hand, winning if their hand contains either a pair, 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind.

Face-Up 21: As its name denotes, this Blackjack variation requires the dealer to play with his or her cards face-up. Since players can now see exactly what they’re up against they are able to make a more well informed decision about whether to hit or stay, giving them an advantage.

Spanish 21: When you play this type of poker, you’ll never be playing with a full deck — and we’re not just talking about your wild betting antics! In Spanish 21 you play with a 48 card deck instead of the standard 52. The 10’s are removed which reduces the opportunity for a player to hit 21, increasing the odds in the house’s favor.

Pontoon: Created by the British, Pontoon is a simpler, more family-friendly version of traditional Blackjack. While the goal of hitting 21 is still the same, the rules have been simplified a bit to make playing at home more easily accessible.

No matter which way you choose to play, Casinos by M&M has the perfect authentic Blackjack tables to liven up the party and bring your guests to their feet in excitement. In addition to Blackjack, we offer a wide assortment of other casinos classics that all come equipped with professional and friendly dealers!

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