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Casino Theme Parties NYC | Casino Party Companies New York City | Casino Parties New York City | Answering machine message from Melissa thank you for party.
Casino Theme Parties NYC | Casino Party Companies New York City | Casino Parties New York City | Answering machine message from Karen thank you for dad's surprise birthday party.
Casino Theme Parties NYC | Casino Party Companies New York City | Casino Parties New York City | Answering machine message from Mary thank you after party.

"My daughter's party was the best she ever had."

-Regis Philbin

"Between the games and the DJ, the room was rockin' all night was the best party our guests have ever been to."

-J. Serpico, Dreamworks

"All I have to say is OMG! My mind is blown & I’m beyond happy with how last night played out!! DJ Joe was AMAZING!! He was spot on with ALL of his music selections! Pit Boss Steve, the world needs more people like him in it!!! He needs to be bottled & I want him to be my new best friend! Everyone had a blast & my phone is blowing up with people telling me what a great party I threw! I say thank you, BUT it was ALL you & M&M!!! You have an amazing staff and business!!! Thanks for making a memorable night for for my friends & family! I think some of them are ready for Foxwoods & AC now! Lol!! It was a pleasure working with you Marco! Hoping I get to attend one of your parties as a guest in the future (my brother is 50 next year!) have a great weekend! Wishing you ALL the BEST!! (I owe you a deluxe ice cream cone!)"

-Dawn Cox

"Enough cannot be said about your staff...they were efficient, courteous, helpful and most important, nice. Everything was better than we could have hoped for. Thank you M&M!"

-E. Levine, Zachary's Bar Mitzvah

"Thank you for the fabulous service that you and your staff provided us...Feedback was amazing ans the day's events were a huge success!"

-E. Diverniero, Chase Manhattan Bank

"My phone has not stopped ringing with people telling me it was the absolute best party they ever attended. I cannot begin to thank you for the amazing job your staff did. Go M&M!"

-J. Lorio, Surprise 40th Birthday

"Your Blackjack, Craps and Slot Machines looked so professional, I felt like I was in Las Vegas. Your knowledgeable and experienced staff was without a doubt a great asset to the success of this event."

-The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

"Over the past few years we have held a number of Casino Events. Casinos By M&M (who we used for the first time) brought us to a whole new level. Our revenues are up and just as, if not more, important, our guests had a wonderful time. You made Autism's success your mission. You promoted our auction and raffles, you impeccably timed the sale of discount casino money... we could not asked for more."

-Connie Grassle, Development Coordinator
Treatment & Education of Children and Adults with Autism

"I just wanted to THANK YOU on a job well done. I can not begin to explain the feedback we have been getting from the parents from the school and parish. You told me you would take care of everything and you absolutely did. Thank you for coming three hours early in the pouring rain when in reality you only needed an hour to set up. Thank you for guaranteeing a professional staff with personality and that is exactly who you brought. Thank you for telling me to include your PA system because I made you use it all night. And most of all thank you for helping me throw my first big school fundraiser which brought in over $10,000! I would recommend your company without a moments hesitation and I hope for M&M a very successful 2008!"

-Christine Pisapia

"As I grow older, I have been told not to expect anything from anyone. Well, on Saturday night at our surprise M&M Entertainment Casino party at Captain Bill’s, that theory was blown out of the water.

When you told me Ronny was THE BEST MC (pit boss) you had, I said to myself, “Sure he is!” Well you weren’t wrong. He was dynamic!!!!! My guests still can’t stop talking about him.

The staff from M&M Entertainment couldn’t have been more accommodating to my guests. The money with Steve’s face, the tuxedos, the smiles and professionalism, the DJ, and Ronny’s positive attitude ALL illuminated throughout the hall. My guests were having so much fun. They had never been to a party like the one I hosted. My husband was thrilled and surprised. He had a blast.

The funniest part of the evening was when my husband, his brother, my bald father, and our cousin, Frank, crooned MY GIRL to me. My guests were in tears and we were all laughing so hard!

I am so glad that I took your advice, relaxed and didn’t micro-organize. Thank you for all your help in pulling off my husband’s ultra-successful Surprise 40th."

-Monica Klein

Dear M&M,

From the time I made the initial phone call to your company, regarding my husbands surprise 40th birthday, I was impressed. I was not familiar with casino parties, nor was I totally sold on the idea. But after talking to you and Pat, whom by the way is another sweetheart, I have to say I realized I was dealing with professionals.

You and your staff explained everything to me in detail and put me more at ease. I was still a little nervous about the whole thing because I wanted things done just right. Being a person as such, I called your office a number of times with questions that you or Pat was eagerly willing to answer. You realized I was nervous and you kept assuring me everything would be fine. For this I thank you.

The big night was just that, big grand, fabulous and most of all professional and fun. The slots, the blackjack tables, the roulette table, craps table, and "funny money", were all a hit, to say the least. The dealers were professional and one nicer than the other. Please extend my thanks to them for me again.

Things worked out just as you said they would. You more than surpassed any expectations I had. I was ecstatic, and best of all my husband was totally impressed. Friends called my house telling me it was the best party they were ever at. It is now October, the party was in August, and my friends and I still talk about it!

Once again, I'd like to thank you and your staff for a successful, fabulous party.

Gloria Palermo
Totally Satisfied Customer

Dear M&M,

Spectacular doesn't even begin to describe the party that you helped us throw for my Dad's 60th birthday on Saturday! It was such a HUGE success! He was so surprised and everyone had such a great time. My father was so shocked at the number of people (close to 100) and the whole casino theme just blew him away. I can't tell you how priceless the evening was and how wonderful it was to see him so happy all night.

Your crew was totally professional, incredibly friendly and they really seemed to enjoy their work; which at a party like this can make all the difference in the world. They were being complemented all night long and well after the party was over. I have to say that Steve not only worked the slot machines and entertained everyone with his incredible dancing, but he also looked out for our three youngest guests who were completely caught up in all the excitement. You weren't kidding when you said you were sending your BEST people.

There were a few emotional moments at the party, but also many humorous ones too. One of the biggest highlights of the evening was when the DJ had our four "fun guys" singing to us. They really got into it and had us all hysterical laughing

My parents' phone has been ringing off the hook with everyone calling to say what a great time they had. So many people told us that it was truly one of the best parties they had ever been to. You have no idea how incredible it was to see my father enjoying himself so much along with so many of friends and family. I can't thank you and your wonderful staff enough for helping to make their party so memorable.

Ivy Pearson

Dear M&M,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how wonderful you and your staff was at our Dine Around/Casino Night on June 30th.

Last year we had just the Dine Around with no Casino's so I was working with no prior knowledge of how to run such an event. With your help your really eased my tensions. You always were just a phone call away and the night of the event your presense was greatly appreciated. It was one less thing I had to worry about. Everybody had a good time and your staff was helpful, knowledgeable and wonderful.

Thank you again! We hope to do this again, with you, next year.

Christine A. Nowark
Executive Director, LI Chapter, NYSRA

Dear M&M,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! As promised, Dean's surprise party was perfect! Everyone had a fabulous time! The D.J. the cigar girl and ALL of the dealers were excellent! They worked so well together and mixed in beautifully with our friends! Everyone was professional but at the same time very personable - you could tell that they had done this before!

We entertain often and our friends always expect something great. And this time, it seems we're topped all our other parties because our guests have said this was our best yet!

Thanks again for making our party such a success. I hope to work with you and your staff again in the future.

Caryn Cirella