The Top 5 Summer Themed Party Ideas

The sun is sizzling in the tri-state area, and that means only one thing… time to get out there and plan your annual summer party for the ages! But, if you’re anything like us, you don’t just want to plan any old party. You want to plan the perfect party — a party full of fun entertainment that will leave your guests talking about it for years to come.

Pro Tip: The key to planning a truly memorable party is a good party theme. Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down the top five for you below:

  1. 70’s Glam: Go big and bold with pops of bright color and striking patterns everywhere! This might be one of the most fun themes to work with because really, the bright and bolder the better. Anything goes!
  2. Luau: Having a pool party? We’d be remiss if we failed to mention this classic summer theme. Everyone loves a good luau, no matter who they are. Stick to blues, greens and neutrals, and don’t forget hula skirts and leis — coconut bras are optional!
  3. Americana: Think you missed the ‘Merica boat once Memorial Day and Fourth of July have passed? Think again! Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned American celebration any time of the year. Plus, you can probably score a pretty sweet deal on some decor items post-July 4.
  4. Fiesta: Turn “Taco Tuesday” into an affair! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Julio or Agosto — that’s July or August. We promise, no guests will turn down the opportunity to build DIY tacos from your taco bar, rock a mean sombrero, and shake their maracas until their heart’s content.
  5. Christmas: Ahh, yes. The old “Christmas in July” bit — gets ‘em every time! Bust out your holiday lights, Santa beards, and your most festive Bermuda shorts. You can even plan a gag-gift grab bag or gift swap. Serve snow cones and BBQ’d Christmas ham, and don’t forget to decorate a “Christmas tree!”

Do you know what all of these excellent summer party themes have in common? They all pair fantastically with authentic casino party entertainment! Remember, just because you’re not hosting a casino-themed party, doesn’t mean you can’t rent a poker, blackjack, or roulette table to up the ante. We promise the surprise addition will have your guests in awe!

Casinos by M&M is a casino & DJ party company serving the Tri-State New York area. We specialize in authentic casino parties and party supplies. Our charismatic, professional dealers and exciting casino action will make your next party one to remember. For more information about our services, contact us at 1-800-HAVE-A-BLAST!

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