Throw a Party to Combat the Gloom of February

The middle of February can be a depressing time for some people, but nothing beats the gloom like getting together in a colorful extravaganza, and that means a Las Vegas Party. With that in mind, let us discuss what makes a successful Las Vegas party.


The first item that should be dealt with is the general atmosphere of the event. We should have glitter and lights everywhere; the entire point should be to create as festive of an environment as possible. The servers and anyone helping should be as colorful as possible, and we as hosts should be downright theatrical. The atmosphere is why people look forward to a Las Vegas party, and it needs to be over-the-top; it is what people need to fight the gloom of winter and really get into the spirit of the party.

Food and Drinks

There needs to be a number of different drinks available, and should include martinis and basic cocktails to make it easier to get into the spirit; additionally add some non-alcoholic beverages to the menu so that everyone can participate in the fun. Have some have fun with the desserts; make them festive and fancy by including tiramisu and beautifully decorated mini cakes rather than cookies and pies.


We should definitely not shy away from games. The games in Las Vegas are what set it apart from other gaming towns so make sure that you go all out. Your gaming options should include slot machines, blackjack, craps, and even poker matches all over the place. Guests should be given some play money at the beginning and be able to bid on an auction at the end of the event.

For all of your Las Vegas themed party planning needs, call Casinos by MM!

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