Top Themes for Your Party

Planning a themed party is an exciting way to host a gathering, especially when your friends and loved ones truly enjoy taking part in the fun. Choosing the right theme for an upcoming event can feel overwhelming, as there are endless options available for all types of gatherings. Comparing a few of the most popular themes for parties is a way to determine the right choice for you and your guests.


Tropical-themed parties are a great way to kick off the start of summer or to keep the memories of the season alive. Tiki torches, blow up palm trees, and tropical fruits are just a few ways to get started. Hosting a roast, lighting fires, and even handing out luaus. Fruity and refreshing beverages and cocktails are also most fitting for these types of events.

Voodoo/Zombie Themed Party

Looking for a bit of dark entertainment? Consider a voodoo or zombie-themed party, where guests are required to wear dark attire and heavy makeup is encouraged! Create dark and spooky drinks, implement a fog machine, and keep the atmosphere ominous with music that is sure to make your guests feel creeped out.


Masquerade gatherings are a great way to host both fancy and carefree events, depending on the group of individuals you plan to invite. Masquerade parties require guests to wear traditional masks (or you may offer to provide them to your attendees upon arrival). You can also encourage formal dress codes depending on the extent you want to go to for the get-together. Fancy cocktails, appetizers, and classical music are a must when hosting this type of memorable party.


One of the most enjoyable and silly ways to host a party is to do so with a costume theme. Require your guests to wear any costume of their choice, creating an extremely vibrant and diverse atmosphere for those who drop in. Consider hosting a costume party, allowing those who come to vote on their favorite costumes while you hand out prizes accordingly. Create music playlists that fit the tastes of all of your guests to keep the event going through the night in a fun, playful, and lively manner.

Need Party Planning in New York?

Brainstorming and seeking out new ways to get creative with a themed party is a way to create a truly memorable experience for you and your attendees. With the right amount of help from our expert party planning in New York and a full understanding of the theme you have chosen, make any gathering a night to remember.

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