Well-Known Playing Card & Poker Hand Nicknames

Tomorrow is Thesaurus Day, so we thought it was only fitting to celebrate some of the many names our favorite play cards and poker hands go by!

Playing Cards:

  • King: The Cowboy, the Monarch and the Sergeant are just some of the preferred synonyms for this card. The specific suits also carry their own names: the King of Clubs is Alexander, the King of Hearts is Charlemagne or Charles, and the King of Diamonds is known as Julius Caesar, or the One-Eyed King.
  • Queen: Card enthusiast lovingly refer to the queen as the Cowgirl, the Dame, or the Lady. The Queen of Hearts is also known as Helen of Troy, and the Queen of Spades as the Black Maria.
  • Jack: The Boy, the Bower, the Jackal or the Jake – all appropriate synonyms for this card!
  • Number Cards: The four is sometimes called the one-legged age or broken ace, while the two is largely referred to a the deuce, dewey or duck.

Poker Hands:

  • Pairs: Holding two aces means you have any of the following: American airlines, shake eyes, needles, or teepees. A pair of kings is called King Kong, gorillas or ace magnets. With you’ve got two queens, you’re holding the ladies, but two jacks are a pair brothers or jaybirds. Some other popular synonyms for pairs include: Nickels for fives, candy canes for sevens, and piano keys or pretzels for eights.
  • Ace Pairs: An ace and a ten is known as bookends, while an ace and an eight is lovingly referred to as a dead man’s hand. An ace and six is a high five, and an ace and two is called an acey-duecey.
  • 4-of-a-Kind: Four kings is referred to as the four horseman, four queens are a bachelor’s dream and four aces are knights of the round table. If you happen to have four twos, you’ve got yourself some mighty ducks – but only three-of-a-kind and you’ve got Huey, Dewey and Louie!

What are your favorite playing card and poker hand synonyms? We’d love to hear all about them on our Facebook page!

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