What Kind of Invitation Should I Use?

The invitation you send to your guests will set the tone of an entire event. If you choose a handwritten invite then your guests will feel the personal touch of your gathering, while an electronic invite will give it more of a laid back and casual feel.


Handwritten invitations provide an intimate and personal touch to any gathering that you host. They are perfect for small gatherings, usually where the guest list is under 50 guests. Events where a handwritten invitation would be appropriate include luncheons, small dinner parties or banquets.


Whether you choose a Facebook invitation, an email invitation or an e-vite, electronic invitations are a great and easy way to invite friends and family to informal gatherings. You could use this option for a last minute backyard barbecue or beach day so that everyone has the necessary information delivered with a convenient platform. These types of invitations make updates easier as well.


Certain occasions require more formal invitations. For instance, you wouldn’t send an email invitation or a Facebook invite to your wedding. Instead, you’ll want to go the distance and spend a little extra so that your guests get the proper welcome to your unforgettable event. 

While the invitations are important and they set the tone of your event, the most important part is obviously the event itself. For help planning the most memorable event of the year, contact the #1 party planning company in the Northeast. At Casinos by M&M we can offer you years of experience in party planning and professional service from every angle. Contact our company today for more information about how we can help you host the party of the century!

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